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Quick Tips From The Pros

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To Start:

  1. Hold the applicator by the front handle when inserting a cartridge.

  2. Insert by twisting the cartridge away from your person or counterclockwise.

  3. Break the tip away by pushing the tip with your thumb.

When Applying Caulk:

  1. The caulk cartridge tip is angled at 22.5’. The cartridge can be inserted with the angled tip facing up OR down. For countertops or any other horizontal caulking, face the tip down. For vertical caulking, such as windows or the sides of vanities, the tip may be used facing either up or down.

  2. As the handles of the applicator are squeezed together, slide the tip of the cartridge along the edge of the counter (etc.). Each cartridge should yield 16-18 lineal feet of caulking under normal use. Do not press the tip forcibly against the desired caulk edge as it will cause the caulk to spread outside the desired area.

  3. Once the cartridge is expended, discard in the trash.

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